About sealaunay

sealaunay.com is a selection of the work of photographer Christophe Launay. Many of the images are taken on board extreme ocean racing yachts and capture the power and energy of the experience. There are also serene and mystical artistic compositions, which have been chosen to illustrate the beauty of the marine environment as experienced by the sports men and women within it.

The images reflect the passion of the photographer Christophe Launay who is one of those 'slightly crazy' French adventurers. He says he is motivated by the environment in which he works. He has been known to jump off yachts in mid ocean to capture an image. He explains this by saying the setting, composition and content must work together to present something extraordinary. It sounds simple, but to achieve this you need an open mind, open eyes, great respect for your subject, a high level of fitness, dedication, intuition and luck, I have been told "luck is where preparation meets opportunity", but in extreme conditions success and disaster often live very close together, so I see the confidence in my equipment, and my experience as vital. Many of my shoots have turned into mini- adventures, and all of them have been interesting.
sealaunay.com images are sexy and fun, spacious and inspirational. You can select and purchase online any of the prints in the gallery. Wherever you choose to hang them in your office or home they will energise and inspire the environment and the people within it.

"My job is bringing my passion and experience to capture the image you want."

Christophe Launay is available for commissions on a daily rate. Alternatively, you can purchase prints of any of the images on this website, or apply to use them in printed material, advertising or websites.

For quotes and bookings, please contact liquid@sealaunay.com.